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How to Take a Dog to France

The Afterword in Dog Trots Globe gives the full story. It is repeated here as a PDF along with samples of these completed forms for Chula’s trip:

  • EU Health Certificate (Form EU998) This form proves that your dog has an implanted microchip and has had the necessary vaccinations. It must be completed and signed by your vet and then approved by the USDA office nearest you.
  • International Health Certificate This form, required by the airline, must be completed and signed by your veterinarian.

Pet Travel Store sells “Pet Passports” with the forms you need for each international destination and delivers the forms by email or snail mail. The site also offers current information on airline pet policies. Pet Relocation offers expert advice on a variety of pet travel topics.

Official Regulations

These sites will help you comply with regulations on international pet travel.

  • The FAA gives a basic, straightforward orientation to flying with pets.
  • The US Department of Agriculture manages the regulations for the USA and destination countries. Scroll to the bottom and use the A-Z list to locate your destination. Click the country name and find the type of pet you are taking. Click the pet reference to download the required forms. While these forms are free, there is a convenience in purchasing the Pet Passport referenced above since it offers all forms in one place.
  • You will also need to comply with rules from the airline you choose. As the global trade organization for the airline industry, the International Airline Transportation Association (IATA) has developed commercial standards for pet travel. These are reflected in its members’ rules. To see the IATA member airlines, click here. To get right to the rules, choose your airline from the Pet Travel site.
  • If you need additional information from your destination country, you can contact the country’s consulate in the US.

Chula arriving at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris © Sheron Long

Chula arriving at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris
© Sheron Long

Keeping Your Pet Safe

Regulations matter, but good practices are vital.

  • Make an informed choice of airline, destination, and time of travel. Pet Flight, which does not ship pets or otherwise profit from pet travel recommendations, includes monthly and annual reports on injuries or deaths by airline and airport. It also lists links to the major US airlines, identifies potty places at many airports, and offers a searchable database of emergency vets.
  • To make sure your pet has the right-sized carrier, follow these measurement guidelines on carrier size and style from IATA and see this list of carrier requirements.
  • There are many places to purchase carriers and travel gear. You can see some of the possibilities here.
  • Most travelers wonder about sedating their pet, and IATA offers a good summary of the issues. See why IATA recommends no sedation in most cases.
  • And because you can never know too much when it comes to your pet, check out these other sites:


Chula's great crate © Sheron Long

Chula’s great crate
© Sheron Long

Dog Friendly Places

Whatever your destination, good times are there to share with your pet:

If, like Chula, your dog happens to end up in Paris, here are some helpful sites:

  • Secrets of Paris lets you in on the pet-friendly areas in parks (there aren’t many), dog-walking services, good ways to get around the city, and places for doggie daycare and pet supplies.
  • AngloINFO, an expat network, gives you Paris addresses for everything dog-related, all in English, too.


The crate was great, but the hotel bed was better. © Sheron Long

The crate was great, but the hotel bed was better.
© Sheron Long


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