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Travel Stories: Good Thing We Took the Wrong Train

by Joyce McGreevy on April 26, 2016

A view from a flight departing Boston might feature in travel stories about travel mishaps that turn out just fine. Image © Joyce McGreevy

Travel isn’t all plain sailing, but a little luck can help you wing it.
© Joyce McGreevy

Travel Mishaps, Mosaics, and Memories

If two trains travel toward the same station at different times . . . Remember those math questions from school? Call them my least favorite travel stories.

I recall Mrs. Newton asking our fourth grade class to brainstorm solutions. As the collective desperation mounted, I burst out with “Agh! Stop the trains!”

Okay, so not a mathematician.

Yet those equations proved instructive. As emblems of bewilderment in motion, they offered a preview of real-life travel problems.

A Virtual Journey via Landscape Photography

by Meredith Mullins on April 18, 2016

Aurora borealis in Norway, landscape photography that allows a virtual journey and a celebration of Earth Day. (Image © Bjorn Billing.)

The stunning beauty of our planet (Aurora Borealis in Norway)
© Björn Billing

Celebrating Earth Day and the Beauty of the Planet

Whether we explore the world on foot, wheels, or wings, with all our senses tuned to high gear, or whether we spend time on a virtual journey shared through someone else’s eyes—we are fortunate to be touched often by the beauty of our planet.

Sunrise at Botany Bay, United States, a virtual journey through landscape photography celebrating Earth Day. (Image © Rocco Mega.)

Sunrise at Botany Bay, U.S.
© Rocco Mega

Now, we can be reminded of this resplendence at any time with the magnificent landscape photography of Terra Quantum.

When Does a Journey Begin?

by Joyce McGreevy on April 12, 2016

Stone steps in Malta become a symbol of travel anticipation, curiosity, and other clues to why we travel. Image © Joyce McGreevy

Does a journey begin as we move toward our destination, or when we first imagine being there?
© Joyce McGreevy

Our Answers Hold Clues
to Why We Travel

Your office resembles an archaeological dig. In your inbox, emails line up like stalled planes on a runway. Meanwhile, status meetings about The Project keep you scrambling to fit in actual work.

But you’re smiling. Why? Because soon, you’ll be traveling for pleasure.

As a result, your brain has upgraded to Frequent Flyer, briefly but repeatedly transporting you to your destination—although you’ve never been there.

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